Zeramex is one of the main innovators in the field of 2-piece and 100% metal- free ceramic implants. It is made in Switzerland.

Zeramex XT implant has a root-shaped design that achieves high primary stability and offers optimal prosthetic flexibility thanks to its unique internal connection of 4 cross-shaped retaining elements that ensures high prosthetic flexibility, enables fast and easy insertion and alignment of the abutment.

There is a low risk of inflammation, thanks to the corrosion-resistance and biocompatibility of ceramic and its low plaque affinity and bacterial adhesion.

Zeramex XT implant is made using hot isostatic post-compacted (HIP) zirconium oxide ATZ (aluminium-toughened zirconia) blanks. The sandblasted and acid-etched hydrophilic implant surface Zerafil, encourages the accumulation of osteoblasts for unimpeded new bone formation. The natural esthetic look of ceramic implants is particularly effective with thin gingival tissue.

The Vicarbo screw acts as a bolt, which anchors the abutment in the implant. It is made of carbon fibre-reinforced high-performance polymer (PEEK). The ceramic absorbs the compressive forces, while the Vicarbo screw counteracts tensile and bending forces.

Additional benefits:

  • Familiarisation training available on-demand, with regular training courses every alternate month Skills upgrading courses for basic / advanced surgical techniques
  • Chair-side assistance available on-demand
  • Equipment support with surgical motor & kit loan
  • Dedicated salesperson to process sales orders

For enquiries, contact Jeffrey Ong at 9680 4604 or jeffrey@medident.com.sg