T-Scan Novus Digital Occlusal Analysis System

$16,000.00 SGD

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System Bundle Includes:
1 X Novus Handpiece 
1 X Box Small Novus Sensors 
1 X Box Large Novus Sensors 
1 X Box Small Novus Sensors Supports 
1 X Box Large Novus Sensors Supports 
1 X Software with PDF User Manual 
1 X Novus Handpiece Hanger and Adhesive

A digital occlusal analysis system consisting of a patented sensor, ergonomic handpiece, and proprietary software that reveals the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the stability of the patient’s bite. T-Scan is a tool used to identify bite problems and guide treatment decisions.

The T-ScanΤΜ NovusΤΜ System can be used for:

  • Initial Comprehensive Exam
  • Occlusal Analysis & Adjustment
  • TMD/TMJ & Headaches
  • Splint/Orthotic Therapy
  • Implants
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Veneers
  • Full Mouth Restorations

Software Capabilities

  • Upper and lower arch displays in 2D and 3D with force percentages by tooth, quadrant, and side
  • STL file import to view occlusal force data on intraoral scans
  • Customizable arch to reflect patient’s tooth dimensions and status
  • Graph shows forces applied over time during the length of the bite
  • Center of Force Target and Trajectory
  • Implant loading alerts
  • Side by side comparisons for pre- and post-treatment evaluation
  • Customizable patient reports for patient education
  • MP4 movie file generation for referrals and presentations
  • Tooth numbering: Universal, FDI/ISO, Palmer, Haderup
  • HIPAA compliant SQL database

System Components

  • T-Scan Software
  • 1 Novus Handpiece (USB-based)
  • 40 Sensors – 1 box each, large and small
  • 4 Sensor Supports* – 1 box each, large and small
  • Handpiece Wall Mount
  • Hands-on and online training sessions included

*Supports are heat sterilizable

The Novus Handpiece (DH-1) gathers the data from the sensor and processes it so that it can be sent to the computer. The buttons on the sensor handle may also be used to start or stop a scan. The Novus Handpiece (DH-1) label with compliancy, model number, warnings and parameters.

  • Power On LED Indicator: A green light here indicates that the Handpiece is powered on.
  • Sensor OK LED Indicator: A green light here indicates that the Handpiece is initialized, the
  • sensor is correctly inserted into the Handpiece, and a new scan can be opened.
  • Sensitivity +/- Buttons: Use these buttons to increase / decrease the sensitivity of the sensor.
  • Scan Mode LED Indicator: A green light here indicates that the sensor is scanning force data and transferring that data to your computer.
  • Record Button: This is a multi-function button. Use this button to open a new scan. Once open, this button is used to start recording a scan or stop recording a scan.