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GC Tooth Mousse is used for increasing the strength of the Teeth. The paste helps in binding calcium and phosphate on soft tissues surrounding the tooth surface.
Many dentists recommend their patients to use GC tooth mousse or GC tooth mousse plus because it helps in making teeth’s strong as it contains RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) a special protein derived from milk which helps in the replacement of lost minerals in teeth, so they can be prevented from erosion and decay.
Tooth Mousse and Tooth Mousse plus comes in different flavours.

  • Tooth Mousse with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) has a proven clinical success record for patients with increased caries risk and white spot lesions (these include: orthodontic appliances, bleaching, consumption of sports drinks and medical therapies causing low salivary flow or xerostomia)
  • Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP) are natural occurring molecules which are able to bind calcium and phosphate ions and stabilize ACP
  • Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) is also the source of calcium and phosphate
  • The calcium and phosphate in RECALDENT™ are known to help strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity, and buffer plaque acid
  • Tooth Mousse is not a toothpaste; it is a topical tooth crème that can be used safely several times daily
  • Both products release vital minerals into the mouth when and where needed

Usage :

  • Apply tooth mousse on the tooth surface with a clean finger leave the mouth undisturbed for 3 minutes, and avoid expectoration or swallowing it (repeat this process up to 4 time in a day)

    Key Features :

    • Before and after tooth whitening
    • For pregnant women
    • For children under six
    • During and/or after orthodontics
    • For desensitizing
    • To provide extra protection for teeth